Prince Sunarawma Irene - AC15


Prince Sunarawma = PRINCE RAMA + SUN ARAW

“We watched 2012 with the RAMA downstairs neighbors right before we recorded this trapped in their apartment during HURRICANE IRENE. 2012 is a movie by Roland Emmerich but there’s this other movie he made called JOEY where this kid is getting calls on a toy telephone from his dead father. We called this phone, but only got a muffled answering machine. We grabbed our instruments and left a really long message.”  (Cameron Stallones).. READ MORE

“Irene” was recorded live last summer in New York during Hurricane Irene (August 2011)



Out September 10, 2012

One side black vinyl 12' + mp3
Limited to 300 copies
Made in Czech Republic




Artwork by Cameron Stallones, RAMA & Fleur D.
Mastered by Peter Swanson

LP = Sorry, sold out