PROMISE KEEPER is Atlanta transplant William Fussell. Formerly principal songwriter of the band Mood Rings, Fussell relocated to London in 2015 where he first released the two singles « Side Decide » ft. TOPS and « Porous Silk » on the new London-based label Fnord Communications (Shame/ The Rhythm Method).

After road testing new material across Europe in 2016, playing shows with like-minded pop weirdos Sean Nicholas Savage, Vesuvio Solo and Better Person, he has committed these slinky night-time songs to record. The self-titled mini-album will be released through the French label Atelier Ciseaux on cassette on May 16th.

Fussell wrote and recorded « Endless Motion » (his first new single) at Dean Street Studios in London’s Soho in the spring of 2015. It is a part of a collection of songs that he has been working on over the past two years since moving to London. The song is his juxtaposition of Mathematics and Sexuality.



Out May 16, 2017

Blue tape w/ mp3
Limited to 100 copies


Side A

1. My Host Ft. Better Person
2. Endless Motion
3. Side Decide Ft. TOPS
4. Promise Me Eternity 2

Side B

1. Still On Earth
2. Por A Ti
3. Backfired
4. Porous Silk


All tracks by William Fussell
Track 1 (A) WF feat Better Person
Track 3 (A) WF feat TOPS

Artwork by William Fussel
with the help of Myriam Barchechat